Distribution, retail and hire opportunities now available

In 2020 the production model’s launch stole the show from global brands at CES 2020, trending no.1 on Google #CES2020 amidst 4,500 global high technology exhibitors and major big brand launches.

We’re looking for partners to join Manta5’s journey to create a new category of water sports and build a global brand.

A global brand in the making

The Manta5 Hydrofoil bike takes the cycling experience and elevates it on water. A surreal ride experience, Manta5’s prototype garnered 350+ million views on social media in 2018.

This completely new leisure craft category is now riding the wave of “holiday at home” and ”wellness” trends in the current Covid-19 economy.

Distributors, retailers, hire operators and passionate individuals – we want to hear from you.

Sales Support

To support our resellers we have assembled a full knowledge base, to enable them to deliver world class support to our end customers.

Partners Hub

Providing the latest marketing and sales collateral including photo, video, sales collateral, campaigns, event designs and more. Used to protect the Manta5 brand and get our distributors up and selling – fast

Comprehensive Onboarding

Get up and running quickly with the support of Manta5’s channel support staff. Walkthrough the turn-key resources and opportunities

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Global Marketing Support

Based in New Zealand and Europe Manta5 has a world class marketing team specialising in international marketing campaigns designed to drive interest to local points of sale.

After Sales Resources

Manta5 is committing significant resources to ensure bikes are well looked after in market. Including remote support, guided customer troubleshooting and knowledge transfer from Manta5’s in-house technical team to yours.

Additional revenue streams from service, repair and ride training are available for discussion.

Technical Training

Covering service to troubleshooting and repairs. A 1-2-1 walkthrough of the resources available.

Help Desk

A complete library of in depth repair and service work instructions.

Training Hub

Getting you up and foiling quickly, and key techniques you can use to teach other first-time riders ensuring they have a great first ride

The future of cycling is on the water

Manta5 Founder, Guy, has his eyes set on realising hydrofoil cycling as an Olympic sport in 20 years and we recognise that long-term product success within this environment comes down to the development of a sporting discipline.