Hydrofoiler XE-1

$12,990.00 NZD 

$ 6,495.00
Final payment due eight weeks prior to assembly.Secure your place in line with a 50% refundable deposit.

Production status

Delivery November 2019 - SOLD OUT

Delivery December 2019 - SOLD OUT

Delivery June 2020 - SOLD OUT

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More Information

Shipping and delivery

All Hydrofoiler XE-1’s are packed and delivered to your preferred shipping address. Manta5 will confirm your address one month out from production assembly. Orders will be shipped in order of reservation number. 

 Final shipping costs and associated tax/es will be quoted and billed at the time of final payment.Please see your estimated shipping rates below: 

  • United States: $250 - $400 USD dependent on final delivery address (excluding applicable state and local taxes)
  • United Kingdom: £200 - £250 GBP plus applicable country tax. 
  • Europe: €200 - €300 EUR plus applicable country VAT. 
  • New Zealand: $125 NZD

Taxes (incl. VAT) are not included in the shipping cost. Subject to state and local taxes. Customs and handling fees are included in the shipping price. 

Please note: We will invoice customers for shipping and taxes as applicable when taking final payment. 

Manta5 Hydrofoilers are currently only available for pre-order in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Europe. If you reside outside of these regions please register your interest here, you will be notified as soon as Manta5 opens to your country. 

If you have any other questions please get in touch at hello@manta5.com.

Payment options

Before your bike is shipped you will have the ability to choose a payment option online that suits you. Alternatively, you can complete your purchase via flexible installments, again via credit card or bank transfer. 

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